Julesburg, Co Sedgwick County Jail View

Prisoners Sentenced In Sedgwick County Are Generally Sent To Sedgwick County Co Jail In The City Of Julesburg, To Visit An Inmate At Sedgwick County Co Jail, You'Ll Need To Travel To Julesburg, Co, 80737-1532 In Sedgwick. The Address Is 315 Cedar St. It'S Important To Verify The Location Of Your Inmate Before Traveling.

Sedgwick County Jail Contact Details

Address: 315 Cedar Street, Sedgwick, CO
City: Julesburg
Zip: 80737
Phone 1: 970-474-3355
Type: County Jail

Mailing to Sedgwick County Jail Inmates and Staff

Inmate Visiting Days and Hours

Day of Week Hours
Monday 9 Am - 10 Pm
Tuesday 9 Am - 10 Pm
Wednesday 9 Am - 10 Pm
Thursday 9 Am - 10 Pm
Friday 9 Am - 10 Pm
Saturday 9 Am - 10 Pm
Sunday 9 Am - 10 Pm