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Elmore Correctional Facility is a medium-security prison for men located in Elmore, Elmore County, Alabama. The facility has an operating capacity of 1176 and was first opened in 1981 with temporary modular dormitories. [1] Elmore is the site of three Alabama state prisons: Staton Correctional Facility and Draper Correctional Facility, which are adjacent to one another, and Elmore about a mile to the east. Elmore inmate Johnny Lee Spears was stabbed to death by another prisoner on March 25, 2016, [2] and another prisoner was stabbed and wounded in April, in July a third inmate was killed, stabbed by another prisoner.[3] In July 2016, the facility was at 200% overcapacity and was critically understaffed, with 72 of its 169 guard positions filled.

Elmore Correctional Facility Contact Details

Address: 3520 MARION SPILLWAY RD., Elmore, AL
Zip: 36025
Phone 1: 334-567-1460
Type: State Prison