LGBT Rights and Discrimination Statistics Infographic

Although LGBT citizens in the United States have gained some momentum regarding rights and acceptance, there is still a long way to go.

Sadly, LGBT bullying and discrimination are still serious issues, and many homeless youths cannot return home because of rejection by their communities and family.

Older generations have the hardest time with acceptance of the LGBT community and are victims of their own outdated beliefs, religious affiliations, and sheltered upbringing.

Younger generations are much more open to freedom of expression and acceptance of individuals as they are. Advocates and special interest groups are getting the word out and paving the way for a much gentler viewpoint and total equality.

There is still a big gap in equal pay and respect for LGBT individuals in the workplace but more awareness and passed legislation has resulted in protection and further rights for LGBT people, and hopefully, someday everyone will be treated the same regardless of any differences.