Henry County Court Records in Missouri

The county of Henry is located in Missouri and was founded in 1834. There are 21,737 residents in Henry who have access to courthouses in Calhoun, Clinton, Deepwater, Montrose, Urich, Windsor. In general, each county has a full set of courts, from traffic court to superior and appellate court; supreme courts are usually located in the state capital. Missouri is part of the 8th federal circuit court as well.

Find Calhoun County courthouses

There are 469 residents in Calhoun, which is 1.0 square miles and 794ft above sea level.

Find Clinton County courthouses

There are 9,008 residents in Clinton, which is 9.3 square miles and 804ft above sea level.

Find Deepwater County courthouses

There are 433 residents in Deepwater, which is 0.9 square miles and 741ft above sea level.

Find Montrose County courthouses

There are 384 residents in Montrose, which is 0.6 square miles and 837ft above sea level.

Find Urich County courthouses

There are 505 residents in Urich, which is 0.4 square miles and 787ft above sea level.

Find Windsor County courthouses

There are 2,901 residents in Windsor, which is 2.5 square miles and 912ft above sea level.