Capron, VA Deerfield Correctional Center View

The Deerfield Correctional Center is a state prison for men located in Capron, Southampton County, Virginia, owned and operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections.[1] The facility was opened in 1994 and has a working capacity of 1069 prisoners. It houses a special population of "Geriatric and Assisted Living Inmates": elderly, infirm, disabled and other special-needs prisoners. The number of elderly prisoners has increased in Virginia's inmate population since the Commonwealth's abolition of parole in 1994. [2] The site is adjacent to Virginia's former Southampton Correctional Center, which was established in 1938 as an agricultural facility. By 1955 Southampton had developed as a campus that included a livestock operation, a cannery, and a sewage disposal facility. Through prisoner labor, the facility supplied 80% of its own food. [3] Southampton was closed in January 2009 and was demolished soon after.

Deerfield Correctional Center Contact Details

Address: 21360 Deerfield Drive, Southampton, VA
City: Capron
Zip: 23829
Phone 1: 434-658-4368
Type: State Prison