Idaho Criminal Records Search

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How to Check for Idaho Criminal Records

The law enforcement system in Idaho has gone paperless, and they have a website where you can search for records in each county easily. You must pay a $3 fee per search. Their system is called iCourt. From this website, you can also eFile documents and paperwork about your case. They offer tutorials on how to use the system and plenty of training resources. You can also use another online search portal system to find someone’s criminal records in Idaho.

Idaho criminal records online

Federal Records vs. Court Criminal Records in Idaho

Idaho uses an integrated electronic system for all county court records called iCourt, and you can easily search for any criminal cases you want. You do have to pay a small fee when searching. For federal court cases, they recommend using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER) system. You can also visit both federal and district courthouses to request copies of criminal case documentation that is available to the public. You may have to wait while they process your order and pay a small fee.


How Long do Felony or Misdemeanor Charges Last?

Chances are both felonies and misdemeanors will stay on your record for life. However, if you committed a non-violent felony or misdemeanor you can apply to have the governor’s office pardon you. You must wait three years though. If you were charged with a drug or alcohol offense, and complete your probation, you could apply to have the court reduce your felony to a misdemeanor. If you were charged with a crime but not convicted, you can apply to the state police to have the record expunged. However, Idaho’s expungement laws are very tough.


Who Can Lookup your Criminal Background?

Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can see a copy of your criminal background pretty easily. Landlords might want to look up your criminal history before renting you an apartment. Gun dealers will look it up before selling any firearms to you, and if there are felonies on there, you may not be able to by them.


Why Check Someone’s Filed Criminal Charges?

There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to check on your criminal charges. Those reasons include selling firearms, renting property, hiring someone to work around your house and online dating. Sometimes people just want to know more about someone, and they can use a criminal history to do that.


Types of Criminal Records

Criminal records include basic information like name, address, phone, email, gender, age, race, height, weight, and physical description. Sometimes they will consist of mug shots and fingerprints as well. Also included are warrants, charges, arrests, convictions, felonies and misdemeanors, incarcerations, dispositions, and other details.


How Are ID Criminal Records Created?

Law enforcement agents create criminal records every step of the way through the justice system. When someone is arrested, and their RAP sheet is created, that begins the paper trail that becomes their criminal record report — every event after that is documented and included in the file.